Marietta Animal Removal

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Are you having animal problems or issues and need Marietta, GA wildlife removal?

Cobb county residents can contact Urban Wildlife Control, we can help you with all of your wildlife trapping and removal requirements in Cobb, GA. Our wildlife animal control experts can offer you results for all of your animal problems which you may have in yourhome or business.

Urban Wildlife Control, Inc can manage your wildlife problems professionally. These problems might include bats in the attic or gable vent, raccoons on your roof, birds and woodpeckers attacking your siding or bathroom vents, mice in your kitchen, squirrels in your attic, mole tunnels in your yard, possums in your crawlspace, snakes in the yard or garage and almost any other issue you may have. We have a wildlife solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Wild animals can contribute to significant damage to homes. Rats will destroy insulation; mice chew through wires and squirrels nest in your attic. Raccoons can dig up your yard and moles damage your lawn with mole
tunnels and molehills. Bats leave urine stains and guano in your home. Our specialists at Urban Wildlife Control offer Marietta wildlife removal services and are skilled and insured to meet the conditions to provide
successful wildlife control. We will tend to your animal problem in a safe and humane way.

Urban Wildlife Control, Inc. can help all residents of Cobb with Marietta wildlife removal. Every day we help hundreds of Marietta’s residents with wildlife animal control problems in Cobb County, Georgia. Below is a list of just some of the problems we help Marietta and Cobb residents with every day.

Marietta Bat Removal

Urban Wildlife Control offers Marietta bat removal service that includes inspection and resolution of your problem if bats are in your attic. Bats will characteristically build roost sites in your home or business. Bats prefer hot, dark spaces for shelter from uncomfortable weather. Shortly after bats enter into a home bats often generate problems with their production of dung, urine and guano. This insulation will then be permanently damaged by animals with toxins and may cause offensive odors.

Urban Wildlife Control’s Marietta bat removal division should be contacted prior to this extensive damage. A bat removal specialist will additionally clean any mess the bats have caused including damaged insulation, urine stained sheetrock, and fecal matter. Bat exclusion and necessary repairs will protect against the bats from being able to re-enter the home or business. Urban Wildlife Control employees understand how to safely eliminate bats, we implement bat control, and we will clean and repair damages.

Marietta Bird and Woodpecker Removal

Urban Wildlife Control, Inc. offers Marietta bird removal and woodpecker control. We will be glad to assist with birds nesting in your business or on/in the roof, vents or attic of your house. There is a definite necessity for bird regulation in Marietta as birds continuously damage homes and enter attics. Bird species that cause problems are numerous and we will help you with doves, starlings, woodpeckers, finches, pigeons and sparrows.

We provide services that aid in bird exclusion from birds in the chimney, birds in the attic, or birds in vents. Birds cause destruction upon entering an attic and only further contaminate home insulation with animal waste and fecal matter the longer they remain there. Urban Wildlife Control technicians excel at Marietta bird exclusion and will humanely eliminate birds from your home or business in a timely manner.

Marietta Mole Control and Trapping

Urban Wildlife Control offers Marietta mole control and will trap moles to stop further destruction of your grass or yard caused by moles that live under ground in your lawn. Moles dig tunnels beneath the ground for both food and a place to live.

Moles digging in yard can disrupt significant amounts of soil in a small period of time and only cause further destruction to landscape without mole trapping. The most efficient way in Marietta to solve moles building
tunnels is with mole trapping. A skilled professional will trap these nuisances and remove them out of your yard. Baits and poisons do not work and there is no preventative measures that can be taken to prevent moles.

Marietta Raccoon Removal

Urban Wildlife Control, Inc. will undertake Marietta raccoon removal for raccoon problems on a roof or raccoons causing a problem by digging in the garbage. Raccoons take pleasure in scattering your trash as they attempt to discover food. Raccoons are nocturnal and often tear up your lawn searching for maggots and worms over night.

Raccoons create nests inside attics and raccoons also rip into your roof searching for, and creating entry points. The odor of raccoon urine and feces is quite powerful. Marietta raccoon removal will help you with this pest animal. Particular areas that raccoons appreciate building nests in include chimneys, underneath houses, and attics. Call for a specialist that will offer raccoon trapping, raccoon exclusion and raccoon clean up.

Marietta Rat Removal

Urban Wildlife Control offers Marietta rat removal if you find rats in your home or business. If you have found a rat in your home or business this is often disturbing. Rats are particularly dangerous rodents and mice are able to come in your house by way of the slightest openings. Among many dangers are the chewing of electrical wires and cables leaving them damaged and exposed, which are a leading cause of house fires in the United States. An additional main concern is the diseases they can carry.

Rat and mice removal needs to be addressed at first sight especially because they reproduce more mice and rats rapidly. Rats and mice enjoy chewing on belongings in your home and frequently you will hear them in walls. Mice will chew on the wood framing of the house and rats chew on sheet rock. Urban Wildlife Control can help you with Marietta rat pest control and provide service that will relieve associated concerns. Never try to undertake mice or rat exclusion on your own.

Marietta Snake Removal

Contact Urban Wildlife Control for Cobb county Marietta snake removal if you find a snake in your home or property. To discover a snake in your house is undoubtedly frightening. Snakes typically enter your home in pursuit of food and you may have a snake problem if small rodents or creatures are in a close proximity to your home.

Preventative measures can be taken to stop snakes from entering a home by performing exclusion work that inhibits rats, mice, and snakes from being able to go into your home. Although most snakes are not hazardous, there are poisonous snakes that only a professional should voluntarily encounter. Marietta snake removal will provide service to get rid of snakes through snake exclusion and snake trapping to help you get snakes out of the house.

Marietta Squirrel Removal

Urban Wildlife Control can provide squirrel removal by providing help when you find squirrels in your home, including squirrels that often rapidly destroy an attic. Marietta squirrel removal should be initiated once you aware they may be in an attic. Squirrels prefer attics to obtain safety from unfavorable weather conditions or to generate a nest for their young.

Squirrels in your home typically cause harm to insulation with both animal feces and urine. Squirrels will chew through the insulation on wires and may cause fires and they also rip up sheetrock or chew through walls. If you hear scratching noises at night or day you may have squirrels in an attic or squirrels running on the roof or gutters. Squirrels are rodents so their teeth continually grow and to maintain short teeth squirrels constantly chew on objects. After the appropriate squirrel trapping process, we can also repair the damage caused to the structure of the home.

Marietta Opossum Removal

Urban Wildlife Control has North and East Cobb opossum removal experts on staff that can minimize destruction of your property, garden, house and house. These hairless tailed animals commonly cause damage to a home as they work to gain entry inside. Opossum or possum removal needs to begin as rapidly as possible once possums are seen in the yard. North Cobb portions of the Marietta area are the home of enormous opossum or possums with some exceeding 21 pounds. Opossum or possum removal should not be endeavored by those who are unfamiliar with the risks these animals have. Urban Wildlife Control’s Marietta possum removal specialists recognize these hazards and are equipped and prepared to carefully handle these extremely strong animals.

Marietta Dead Animal Removal

Do you need to get rid of an awful dead animal and the odor? Dead animal removal is sometimes easy other times it may be difficult. In a simple case, an animal will die somewhere easily accessible such as under a house in the crawl space, on the attic floor or in the yard. Some times the animal dies in an unspecified area in a wall, under the attic floor insulation, in the heating and ventilation ductwork or even in a floor or ceiling.

Urban Wildlife Control will locate and remove the dead animal and eliminate the obscene odor with special odor consuming enzymes. Once we remove the dead animal Urban Wildlife Control can determine how it got into your Marietta, GA home and offer a solution to remove any remaining live animals and stop other animals from gaining access again.